Did You Take Your Anti-Cavity Pill Today?

Technology is changing the way we perform almost every daily activity. Our phones help us plan our days from checking the weather to setting an alarm or updating our calendars. Your coffee pot can probably be preset to brew your morning cup of joe all on its own, and your car may give you driving directions, speed limits, and traffic updates. The rapid advancement of technology is amazing. However, sometimes innovation comes from very unlikely sources. For instance, in the dental field, research may lead future dentistry patients to taking a probiotic supplement to prevent cavities.

Fighting Bacteria with Super Bacteria

At the University of Florida, researchers have discovered super bacteria that may prevent cavities. Tooth decay or cavities are caused by an overabundance of acidic plaque. This sticky biofilm is the natural byproduct of oral bacteria. These bacteria are a necessary part of the digestive system, but not all bacteria are created equal. Certain oral bacteria produce highly acidic plaques that can weaken or damage your teeth causing cavities or gum disease. Other bacteria produce less detrimental plaque byproducts. The University of Florida researchers discovered a strain of super bacteria that do not just produce less acidic plaque, but they also reduce the numbers of decay-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Possible Anti-Cavity Pill

What does that mean for your oral health? Researchers hope to create a probiotic pill that will release these super bacteria into the digestive system. These super bacteria will fight the decay causing strains, and the reduced numbers of decay causing bacteria will significantly diminish patients’ risk for cavities. While not quite ready to hit the production lines, this anti-cavity pill may be the most important dental discovery in decades when researchers are ready to release it to the public.

Though research is gaining ground to develop this pill to the public, it is still in the stages of development. So for now, knowledge and preventative care is still the best alternative to healthy smiles.

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