Happy Employee Appreciation Day from Your Beaumont Dentist & Team

In 1995, Bob Nelson and a group of human resources professionals on the board of Recognition Professionals International decided that one of the best ways to develop healthy, thriving companies was to show employees they were valued. Bosses already had a national day of recognition, and they decided employees should have their day too. Since then, the first Friday of March has been celebrated as Employee Appreciate Day. This year, the holiday will be celebrated on Friday, March 2nd. The US is no longer alone in their Employee Appreciate Day celebrations. Canada also recognizes this annual celebration, and a number of nations around the globe are joining in to recognize their hard working employees. We hope you’ll join the La Costa Dental team in showing your appreciation for employees on March 2nd.

Thank You to the La Costa Dental Team

The La Costa Dental team works hard year-round to help patients with all of their oral health and hygiene needs. They truly go above and beyond to show patients they care, and without their hard work, our offices would not be the same. We hope employers in Corpus Christi, Beaumont, and Port Arthur are showing appreciation for their employees who make our south Texas communities great places to live and work. If you don’t already have Employee Appreciation Day planned, some great ways to show your employees you care at any time of the year include:

  • Write a thank you note. Saying thank you is important and necessary. However, by taking the time to write a that note your employee will see over and over again, can make a huge impact on morale.
  • Tell other employees about successes their peers have had and say it in front of the employee you’re appreciating. Don’t keep great work a secret.
  • Create a culture of encouragement instead of competition. Show your employees that there is room for everyone in the office and help them maximize their skill sets. You can also encourage employees to help others recognize and make use of their skills.

Have Some Extra Time on Employee Appreciation Day? Schedule Your Checkup!

If your employer has given you the day or the afternoon off for Employee Appreciation Day, consider celebrating with the La Costa Dental team. Call to schedule your biannual dental checkup in one of our five south Texas dentistry offices. We have three Corpus Christi locations on Ayers Street, Kostoryz Road, and Leopard Street as well as offices in Beaumont and Port Arthur. Our dedicated team members look forward to partnering with you to achieve your oral health care goals.