Smile Healthy with Corpus Christi Senior Dentistry Services

smiling senior man in dental chairAs we age, a lot of things change, including the care that is necessary to maintain our health. Many of our senior patients aren’t sure how their oral health care needs change through the years, but to maintain optimal oral health, older patients need to be ready to make some changes to their dental care routines. From better daily brushing and flossing to using different oral hygiene products and more frequently visiting La Costa Dental for professional treatments, we’re here to help you tackle all of the oral health concerns that can arise for south Texas seniors.

Common Oral Health Concerns for Seniors

Some of the many oral health concerns that are more common for seniors include:

  • Dry Mouth – an increase in the number of prescription medications and a natural decrease in saliva production can be a perfect storm for many patients. Without treatment, the lack of plaque-neutralizing saliva increases risk for tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Gum disease – patients are at increasingly higher risk for gum disease as they age. We’ll review the depth of pockets between teeth and gums during every dental checkup, but if you notice bleeding gums, teeth that suddenly appear longer, inflamed or infected soft tissue, or bad breath that doesn’t improve after brushing, call our team right away.
  • Tooth loss – gum disease and dry mouth are both contributors to the increased risk for tooth loss among seniors. We’ll work with you to maintain your healthy tooth structures, but when tooth loss is not avoidable, we also offer tooth replacement options.

Preventive, Restorative, & Cosmetic Dentistry Services

We offer a variety of treatments to help patients at any age prevent oral health concerns, repair dental damage, or enhance the cosmetic appearance of their smiles. If you want to learn more about our available treatments, schedule a consultation appointment with our team. We’ll be happy to answer questions, explore your smile goals, and help you create a plan to get the smile of your dreams.

Let the La Costa Dental Team Help

The La Costa Dental team is dedicated to creating personalized treatment plans to deliver healthy, happy smiles. At any age, our team is here to help you find more reasons to smile. If you want to learn more about caring for your smile and keeping teeth healthy for life, call to schedule an appointment with us in one of our five convenient south Texas dental practice locations. To make dental care simple for patients located throughout the area, we have offices in Beaumont and Port Arthur, and we have three practices in Corpus Christi on Ayers Street, Kostoryz Road, and Leopard Street. We look forward to helping you get your healthiest, most beautiful smile.