4 Dental Health Tips to Avoid Developing Oral Cancer

Believe it or not, there are many things that can cause oral cancer including our everyday lifestyle choices. That’s right—this disease just doesn’t come about when you skip your brushing routine (although that’s pretty bad for your mouth, too). Often times, our behaviors and bad habits can contribute towards the development of the disease among other dental concerns.

If you wish to improve your overall smile and maintain a clean bill of health, your local dentist in Corpus Christi made this post just for you! In honor of oral cancer awareness month, we’re going to share some helpful tips to keep your mouth and overall health in great shape by avoiding oral cancer.

Pay Attention to Your Lifestyle Choices Before It’s Too Late!

There are many things that people can do to contribute to a healthy dental lifestyle, but preventive care may be the biggest “piece of the puzzle.” Factors like what you eat and drink can also affect your oral health negatively or positively. By switching a few things up about your current lifestyle, there’s a huge possibility of reducing the change of developing oral cancer or other dental problems like decay or gum health issues.

Sounds easy enough, right? Simply follow these easy tips to avoid oral cancer and other dental detriments:

  1. Maintain Better Health Overall by Changing Your Dietary Choices – Having a healthy, balanced diet is great for the whole body, but it’s especially great for your mouth. To have strong teeth and durable gums, your mouth needs the right vitamins and nutrients to last over the years. Avoiding processed, sugary, or overall unhealthy foods can reduce the risk of developing oral cancer and other bodily diseases.
  2. Stop Smoking and Using Other Tobacco Products – If you smoke, quitting should be the first thing on your “to-do” list. Even if you don’t smoke, using any type of tobacco products can cause so many health problems, including the deterioration of your overall and dental health. These products can cause your teeth to change shades from white to a yellowish brown, increase the chances of developing oral cancer, and just about double the chance of tooth loss.
  3. Alcohol Isn’t Great for Your Teeth, Either – Some people view alcohol as a better vise than tobacco products. However, alcohol can be just as bad on your mouth as tobacco products. In fact, alcohol abuse contributes to a third of oral cancer diagnoses while tobacco stands just above that. Alcohol can also cause extreme hydration issues which catalyzes gum health issues and cavities.
  4. Stay Diligent With Your At Home Dental Routine  – No matter what—if you continue those unhealthy habits or not—your dental routine at home plays a huge part in maintaining strong teeth and gums. By brushing away the plaque on your teeth, gums, and tongue, you can avoid tartar buildup and keep your breath fresh. Plus, preventive appointments can help by collaborating with your local dentist in Corpus Christi.   

Don’t Wait to Schedule a Visit with a Corpus Christi Dentist at La Costa Dental!

As mentioned above, preventive care can be game changing when it comes to your oral health. Everyone’s goal is to keep their natural teeth healthy and strong throughout their lifetime alongside their overall health. By visiting our local office, you can schedule a preventive cleaning and oral cancer screening in Corpus Christi. Stay up to date with your oral health and schedule your appointment today!