Routine Dental Checkup with Your Port Arthur Dentist: What to Expect

Dental checkups are an invaluable part of oral wellness that serve multiple purposes. They provide maintenance while also acting as a preventative measure to help you avoid exacerbating current issues. For some people, a trip to your Port Arthur dentist can be a source of anxiety, but if you know what to expect going in, you’ll see there’s really nothing to be concerned about.  

Administrative Preparation 

When you first arrive at your local dentist’s office in Port Arthur, you’ll speak with the receptionist, who will provide you with paperwork to fill out concerning your health history and allergies. In return, you’ll want to supply any insurance information that might pertain.

Meet Your Friendly Hygienist

After the initial stage, you’ll likely be seen by a dental hygienist, who will prepare you for your visit with the dentist. You’ll be seated and typically provided with a mouth rinse. Next, your teeth will be cleaned in order to remove build-ups of plaque and tartar that otherwise could develop into larger problems down the road. The hygienist might also floss your teeth at this time. 

Dental Examination and Recommendations

After the cleaning, you’ll be visited by the dentist, who will check your bite and possibly take dental impressions to make sure everything is in order. Your teeth, gumline, and palate will all be carefully inspected. Pre-existing dental work, such as fillings and bridges, will be assessed for damage.

The dentist will examine your mouth not only for cavities, but for tumors, lesions, and other signs of possible serious diseases like oral cancer. Dental X-rays might also be taken. X-rays provide dentists with a chance to see decay or deformities in places they might not be able to otherwise, such as below the gumline or in between the teeth.

Looking Toward the Future in Port Arthur and Beyond

Additionally, your Port Arthur dentist will help you create a plan to aid you in maintaining good oral health going forward. The two of you might discuss oral hygiene habits, such as the proper method of brushing and flossing.

When all of this is done, you and your dentist often will talk about what was noticed during the exam, such as indications of teeth-grinding, and your dentist will offer advice about alleviating any problems.

Your dentist might also recommend a return visit to fill cavities or perform other procedures. Even if no such visit is recommended, it’s wise to schedule checkups at least once every six months. While your dentist is summarizing the visit and providing advice, it’s a good time for you to express whatever concerns you might be having. 

What It All Means 

Dental checkups can prevent costly procedures later on down the line and are excellent resources of education regarding your teeth and gums. For children, especially, they provide a springboard for lifelong maintenance of oral health. Your checkup will leave your mouth feeling fresh and provide you with peace of mind.

If you’d like further information or wish to schedule a dental checkup in the Corpus Christi, Beaumont, or Port Arthur area , please contact the dental professionals at La Costa Dental.