Dentists that Accept Medicaid in Corpus Christi

Navigating through the array of Medicaid dental insurance plans and related programs available today can be confusing and stressful at times, especially to those who are unfamiliar. Medicaid is a federal and state sponsored program to help provide dental and healthcare services to seniors, children, and families living below the poverty line as well as people with disabilities. To be more specific, Medicaid plans and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) allow access to critical healthcare needs. 

Here’s how it all work:

Medicaid plans and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) both provide no-cost or very low-cost health insurance for eligible applicants throughout the state of Texas. Not only that, both programs have provided medical coverage to over 4 million Texans, comprising nearly half of the state’s children – to date! Most of Texas’s Medicaid services as well as all of their CHIP services are contracted between the state and managed care organization that have been licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance. The plans themselves contract with doctors and other providers to form a network that members can access to. 

Medicaid Dental Options for Corpus Christi Patients

Leveraging the wide variety of available Medicaid plans, many Corpus Christi dental offices are prepared with what they need to provide quality dental services. Corpus Christi dental clinics staffed with Medicaid dentists and/or Medicaid orthodontists have the necessary skills to glean the full benefit of preventative and restorative procedures, with seamless claims processing and filing to make dental treatment even more affordable.

In regard to orthodontic needs, reputable Corpus Christi dental providers staff highly skilled Medicaid orthodontists to offer your children the highest quality procedures that deliver healthy, straight teeth and bright, shiny smiles. Ortho procedures can be complicated and even frightening for young Corpus Christi patients but the right dentist will smooth the waters and make the process into a positive life change instead of an ordeal.

If your children are enrolled in Children’s Medicaid or CHIP and you are looking for a Corpus Christi dentist that accepts either program, contact La Costa Dental today.