Port Arthur Orthodontist Shares Why Straight Teeth Improve Overall Health

Many people think that orthodontics is all about appearance but in reality, a straight smile can enhance not only your oral but also the health of your entire body. Here are three reasons why straight teeth improve overall health from our knowledgeable and experienced Port Arthur Orthodontist:

1. Decrease the Risk of Damage Teeth

When your bite doesn’t fit together properly, certain teeth will absorb more pressure than others. This can lead to excessive wear, chips, and cracks in those teeth. Perfectly aligned smiles spread pressure evenly across the bite, reducing risk for excessive wear or dental damage.

2. Straight Teeth Improve Chewing Ability:

Port Arthur patients who have misaligned teeth often find it difficult or uncomfortable to chew a wide range of foods. This leads to patients consuming a less than ideal diet, consisting of softer, processed meals. Instead, correcting alignment allows patients to consume a more varied diet, especially one that includes fruits and vegetables that can be difficult to chew. A varied diet and consumption of more fruits and vegetables will improve overall health and nutrition, so it’s important that you correct your smile.

3. Reduced Risk of TMJ Dysfunction

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the small connective tissues that attach the jaw and the skull bone. When they’re properly functioning, patients can speak, chew, smile, and yawn without pain or discomfort. However, these delicate joints are easy to damage or strain, especially if a misaligned bite puts too much pressure on the TMJ. The conditions that result from damage to the TMJ are collectively referred to as TMJ dysfunction or TMD. While it may not seem like a major concern, left untreated TMJ can make the smallest daily tasks like speaking and smiling difficult or painful. Correcting alignment issues at an early age is one of the best ways to prevent TMJ dysfunction and ensure a lifetime of pain free smiles.

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