How To Achieve A Celebrity Smile

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If you love looking at red carpet photos of celebrities, chances are you’ve noticed how striking their pearly whites are. Then you ask: Are they natural? Or did they avail of teeth whitening services or teeth bleaching services?

Whatever method they took advantage of, we can be sure that the secrets to celebrity smiles are white and straight teeth.

The good news is anyone can achieve the perfect celebrity smile by following these tips from the experts.

Getting A Celebrity Smile

Celebrity Smile

Opt For Natural Foods

There are several reasons our teeth become discolored as we age. One of the main culprits is the food we eat every day.

According to WebMD, refined foods stain our pearly whites faster than natural foods. This is because the former “adhere more easily to the surface of the teeth.”

Hence, if bread is part of your daily supplies of energy, you should choose wheat bread over white bread. The latter has a higher chance of giving you yellow teeth. However, note that there are natural foods that are made to stain your teeth because they contain tannin, a yellowish substance. This is very common in acidic foods.

Avoid Certain Drinks

The other offenders we can blame are our favorite beverages: coffee, tea, and alcohol. The color and acidity of these drinks cause teeth discoloration and enamel erosion, says the teeth expert at Colgate.

If you can’t give these all up, a workaround suggested by dentists is using a straw with these drinks. But since straw and wine don’t mix, you can either avoid it altogether or lessen its intake. 

Use Electric Toothbrush

Use Electric Toothbrush

Regular toothbrushes are good, but we have the tendency to overbrush or brush too hard using them. Electric toothbrushes, on the other hand, have timers so you avoid over-brushing. Also, we’ll most likely just glide the brush instead of press it too hard against our teeth. This is supported by some studies, saying that electric brushes perform generally better than manual ones. 

However, it doesn’t mean that manual brushes are useless altogether. If you can master the right brushing technique, a manual toothbrush should be enough.

Don’t Use Teeth As Scissors

When we can’t find scissors or anything sharp to open plastic bags, we turn to our teeth for help. While it works, it can be harmful to our choppers. They can break due to the uneven distribution of force among the teeth. And crooked teeth are not red carpet material.

Food should be the only one your teeth are cutting. Besides that, get a more appropriate tool.

Have Teeth Cleaned Regularly

Twice a year cleaning is imperative for everyone because there are plaques in between teeth that regular brushing won’t get rid of. In addition, some dentists give free teeth whitening sessions.

But remember that professional cleaning twice a year is not enough. You have to do your part to keep your pearly whites white.

Get Professional Help

Aside from the methods mentioned above, it is imperative to look for a dentist who offers teeth whitening services or teeth bleaching services (the difference of which, we’ll be discussing later). The methods they have are safer and more effective than DIY products.

Moreover, broken and crooked teeth should be fixed only by professionals. DIY-ing this is not an option.

The procedures a dentist will carry out depends on your teeth problem. Here are some of them.

Dental Filling Or Bonding

If you chip a small part of your tooth’s enamel, the doctor will conduct filling or bonding. The latter is usually done on highly visible teeth (e.g. front teeth). It uses a tooth-colored resin, which the dentist will attach to the broken tooth via an adhesive.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are the go-to procedures of people who want to correct a gap between teeth or a misshaped one. Other people opt for veneers instead of teeth whitening or bleaching.

These are thin covers attached to the affected tooth to achieve a flawless look.

Braces and Retainers

If you have a misaligned bite (i.e. underbite or overbite), your dentist may recommend either braces or retainers, depending on how bad the crowding of your teeth is. If it’s not severe, retainers may be enough.

There are several choices for braces these days, some of them help correct your teeth while making sure you don’t look like the kid, Darla, in Finding Nemo. These are ceramic braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign.

Ceramic braces work the same way as the traditional braces we’ve come to know, but they use ceramic materials instead of metal. A ceramic blends better with the natural color of our teeth giving that invisible look.

Lingual braces, on the other hand, use metal but they are attached to the inside of our teeth. This means it’s completely invisible. However, it may not be as effective as the other types of braces.

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners instead of metal or ceramic. It also got rid of brackets and wires. Its main advantage is, as the name suggests, invisibility along with more freedom to eat and drink anything. Metal braces usually make eating fibrous food a nightmare.

When To Get Teeth Whitening Services


If your aim is to bring back your teeth’s to its natural shade, teeth whitening services are for you. The Dental Health Society defines this procedure as “typically the practice of removing surface stains to restore teeth to their natural shade.”

Store-bought teeth whiteners such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and whitening strips are commonly used for these professional teeth whitening along with professional machines to ensure the method works.

Teeth Whitening Services Cost

If using basic teeth whitening kits, this service can cost from $100 to $650 per kit according to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry. Some, as mentioned earlier may offer free teeth whitening service as you have your teeth cleaned.

When To Get Teeth Bleaching Services

Teeth bleaching services are the procedures done if you desire to lighten your teeth a few shades above its natural color. Note that even though the procedure is called “bleaching,” it does not use chlorine. For this procedure, your dentist will use stronger yet safe chemicals to achieve the shade you want. A heat lamp or a laser light is also necessary to accelerate the bleaching process.

Professional bleaching services use other “bleaching” products that contain hydrogen peroxide, the same ingredient you can find in chlorine.

Teeth Bleaching Services Cost

The average cost for this service is around $1,250 for two in-office trips plus a 14-day bleaching tray. But the typical range is somewhere from $800 to $3,500.

Aside from these, you may be required to buy maintenance bleaching gels that cost $5-$7 for an overnight treatment.

Are All These Worth It?

Whether you like it or not, tooth color influences the perception of overall facial attractiveness. While a study does not say that colored teeth have a major impact on one’s judgment of beauty, we can all agree that a heavily stained set of teeth is nowhere near attractive. It gives the impression that that person and hygiene are not really friends.

Hence, going through all this hassle to get the celebrity smile you’ve always wanted is a necessary inconvenience.